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Media analysis



Who says what and when on which channel and to what effect?

Media analysis attempts to answer this question. Channels include classical print media but especially online media: The internet is an opinion former, and hence it increases the speed at which information diffuses, the topicality of the information but also the complexitiy of the current analysis methods.

Media analysis


Text analysis of heterogeneous (online-) media

A central issue in the field of communication is the influence of media messages on the environment (target groups, readers, listeners, viewers). Nowadays, media are filtered and opinions interpreted through manual and labour-intensive content and text analysis. So as to reduce costs and to increase reaction speed, the process of information extraction needs to be automatised so that human experts can concentrate on the evaluation and interpretation of the results. Nowadays, the internet plays an important role in the identification of opinions. Hence, information extraction must also be possible on websites and blogs.


Complete package for image analysis

  • Sentiment analysis of selected actors, via a corpus of rated terms
  • Real-time analysis of online media (blog, forum, etc.)
  • Up-to-date monitoring of different topics over a long period of time
  • Comparison of information channels, topics and actors with one another
  • Qualitative image analysis prepared in report form, strategic recommendations


Further areas of application

  • Analysis of media work
  • Check reachability of target groups
  • Product analysis
  • Topic identification
  • Analysis of power structures
  • Competition analysis
  • Strategy development


At a glance 

  • What influence do media messages have on the environment?
  • Content and text analysis is performed manually and thus labour-intensive 
  • Automation reduces costs and increases reaction speed
  • Analysis of online content such as blogs will be necessary in the future
  • Continuous image and media analysis will be rendered possible over an arbitrary period of time


uma as solution partner

  • A team with more than 10 years of both consulting and implementation experience
  • A competent partner in the fields of information extraction, text analysis and knowledge transfer
  • Customer solution for semi-automatic text analysis
  • Analysis of information diffusion in online media is enabled (information flows are visualised)
  • Analysis of online content such as blogs will be necessary in the future