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Content-specific search


Content-specific search via vertical semantic search services


The most popular search engines use a generic approach to retrieving content-based information. The disadvantage of this approach is that it fails to completely grasp the user's needs. Each user group acquires a specific know-how and has its own interpretation of technical terms.


This problem can be overcome by means of content-related or "vertical" semantic search services.


Search results can be customised according to the previously identified target group's needs by defining taxonomies, ontologies, etc. and by pre-selecting data sources. The so-called "guided search" helps to attain such high-quality results by using previously defined classification systems.


The expertise which flows into the overall conception phase ensures perfect coverage of the user's needs as well as a structure for sustainable knowledge transfer.


This solution helps not only expert users but also users who are just starting to build up knowledge.


Nowadays, approximately 20% of the available data is structured and the remaining 80% is unstructured information. The solutions offered by uma enable to search through all available data in a meaningful and user-oriented manner and present the results to the end user in a customisable way.



At a glance

  • Generic search engines do not consider user needs.
  • Content-related or "vertical" search services provide high-quality results, which are tailored for specific user groups (eg. special departments, peer groups, business experts, etc.).
  • Expert knowledge flows into the conception phase. 
  • Vertical semantic search services enable a guided search thanks to classification systems. Both structured and unstructured information can be searched.


uma as solution partner

  • Excellent search solutions across heterogeneous data sources
  • A team with more than 10 years of both consulting and implementation experience
  • A competent partner in the fields of search and knowledge transfer
  • Customised solutions with our own semantic service platform Melvil®