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Interactive Environments


Professional knowledge transfer


We combine real and virtual information spaces


At uma, it is all about information regardless of its form. Our aim is to tranform information into knowledge in the most effective way. By using the most modern information technologies, we manage to connect digital and real information spaces such that new findings and learning processes emerge.


Our vision: Particles of information and knowledge invisibly circulate through our everyday lives and are retrievable at any time - similarly to electricity. In this way, we create ambient environments, that is spaces and situations which can be multimedially experienced and convey knowledge at all imaginable levels. The space itself becomes an interface, the user interface is inviting and intuitively accessible. The technological platform remains invisible, acting discretely but highly effectively in the background.


The ideas for our projects are drawn from theoretical and structured discussions about knowledge and human-machine-interaction. Products, concepts, conferences and academic studies arise from these debates.