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Virtual Interactive Collaboration tool

Dealing with electronic information technologies is becoming increasingly complex and difficult as they continue developing in such a rapid and unmanageable fashion. Therefore, the possibilities which arise from these technologies are often only accessible to a very restricted and specific audience. To make them more acceptable to the large variety of user communities, simpler solutions which would be easier to understand are necessary.


VICO in action


The first VICO™ application, which was developed in 2001 for the Viennese Kindermuseum (children´s museum), tracks specific patterns with a camera located above an interactive table using an integrated plasma screen for visualisation. So as to adapt to larger user groups, anything happening on the table is also projected on a wall.


In a more advanced version of VICO™, the usability was improved by embedding the tracking technology within the interactive table. By using more powerful projectors, even more opportunities arise for further applications as the projector-tracking systems can be flexibly combined to large interaction surfaces.


Field of Application


Locations such as the children's museum in Vienna are the perfect environment for VICO™. Up to 20 children can be introduced to the topic of "electronic information technologies" in a fun and intuitive way.


The same applies to adults. They experience contents completely differently when they can interact and create it themselves. Its easy manipulation helps overcome any fears or inhibitions the user may have. Information is made available quickly and without any technical barriers.


This makes VICO™ predestinated for museums, visitor centres and shows. Similarly, VICO™ can also play an important role in supporting television productions.

uma's team has more than 10 years of consulting and implementation experience in the areas of search and knowledge transfer.


At a glance

  • Dealing with electronic information technologies is becoming increasingly complex and difficult.
  • The acceptance level from various user communities must be improved.
  • Simple and easily understandable solutions are required.


uma as solution partner


uma's team combines the multitude of opportunities which modern information technologies have to offer and develops multi-purpose solutions which still remain easy to use. The actual technology lies in the background and becomes a means to an end.


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