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Departure focus art

Departure focus art


"departure wirtschaft, kunst und kultur gmbh" (departure economy, art and culture) commissioned in 2008 both uma and Martin Fritz to produce a white paper about the Viennese art market and about visual arts in an international context.


departure's call "focus Kunst: Handlungsfelder und Verwertungsstrategien" (focus Art: spheres of activity and exploitation strategies), made purposely for the white paper, was aimed at companies which are involved in the economic exploitation of contemporary art. Impulses for an extension of art trade as well as ideas for new forms of economic exploitation were expected, and a description of the situation and potentials was stated in the white paper.


The white paper dealt with an extended definition of the art market, thus including all added value derived from the direct work with artists or art works. The art trade and galeries, as well as agencies, renting organisations, specialised service providers and other companies concerned with the use of artistic work are considered to be actors of such an art market.


The white paper was mainly concerned with the fields of mediation, communication and marketing (media, presentations, online formats, public areas, documentation), purchasing, selling and collecting (affordable art, emerging collectors, exploitation of non-material art, restauration and conservation), location consolidation, cooperation and internationalisation.


The representation concentrated on the added-value art chain, the central marketing form (galleries) and other forms such as fairs, auctions, online etc., on services such as art consulting, art mediation and conservation, on the Viennese situation at a glance, and on a series of potentials. The white paper also contains a series of interviews with actors in the field of arts.