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SKIN™ invites you to the playful and intuitive discovery of semantically curated content. An interactive multimedia installation reacts to visitors and creates a room for communication and interaction, which is accessed simultaneously by multiple users.

SKIN™ revolutionizes our way of interaction and information transfer. It can be used in corporate- or public communication-, retail-, exhibition- and museum-scenarios. The semantic content curator engine SKIN™ is able to retrieve and contextualize content from various repositories or the web including web2.0 sources through linguistic and contextual analysis. Person tracking enables passive interaction of content with visitors. The Interaction with the content is on demand personalized through RFID Technology.

This innovative leading-edge technology product is the largest installation of its kind. Interactive screen area configurations currently range from 1.2 up to 8.4 Meters @ 29 Megapixels. SKIN™ is developed by uma information technology.

  • Skin reacts and interacts with people passing by
  • Skin is exited about interaction and provokes emotions
  • Skin accompanies people passing by with interesting content
  • Skin quickens interest and can be intui- tively handled by multiple hands at the same time
  • Skin is modular and can be customized - Skin supports internal and external communication processes - Skin uses a powerful semantic data management, which presents content appropriate to context and situation

Download the uma SKIN Flyer.

If you are interested in this product please contact: sales@uma.at


Application Scenarios



  • Marketing & Sales at POS
  • Brand and topic experience
  • Purchase, discover, play
  • For stores as table or wall
  • For outdoor with shatter proof glas
  • several modes
  • Active / passive
  • Topics / products / games
  • Mutlitouch / multi user






  • Impressive corporate communication
  • Encourages the construction of identity
  • Internal communication solution
  • All Hands Meetings
  • Telephone conferences
  • Off program
  • Guidance system
  • Employee information
  • External communication solution
  • Company values, mission statement
  • Business activities, facts & figures

Different Configurations

SKIN™ Module

1,2m or 1,5 length x 2,3m height x 0,3m depth, extendable up to 12 modules

SKIN™ Wall

0,6m to 30m length x 2,3m height x 0,3m depth

SKIN™ Table

42" or 55", height: 75cm (table) - 110cm (bar)


SKIN™ - Detail Facts



  • Full HD LCDs with high contrast (50.000+ hours durability)
  • connected displays act like one display


  • exhibition capable, robust, modular standard installation
  • customized installation (e. g. behind a wall, individual furniture)



  • Control of personalized content via RFID-card module
  • Motion detection via real time 3D-sensor cameras
  • Multitouch finger-/ hand-recognition via infrared sensors
  • modular sound (one speaker per module)
  • LAN/WLAN connectivity




  • presentation of audiovisuals, pictures, slide shows, websites and RSS-newsfeeds
  • Content maintenance via multi user web content management system
  • Semantic Search & Service platform Melvil® for automated content presentation
  • Linux, Windows, MacOS (depending on installation size)